Which one is correct?

Which one is correct?

Asked 11 months ago

Mes parents possèdent leur propre maison.

Mes parents possédent leur propre maison.

GruffKwiziq language super star
The first one is correct. If you look at the table in the lesson it follows the same pattern as COMPLÉTER , so the acute accent changes to grave except for the nous and vous forms.

You might want to bookmark this page:

This is a very helpful site giving you conjugations of all French verbs.

According to me also, the first one is correct but when I marked the same answer in the quiz it came wrong. So, I wanted to confirm it.
Can you redo the quiz? If you confirm that you answered correctly yet got scored wrong, post again.

Merci beaucoup!

My problem is solved now. I was confused and now I got the right answer.

Which one is correct?

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