Find out my French level
(To the Common European Standard)

Learn French with Alexa and Kwiziq have teamed up to provide you a complete personalised learning program. Working along side the wonderful videos and content you love from Alexa, Kwiziq will track your progress and provide you with personalised "top up" lessons to help you perfect your French.

To get started we will give you a free CEFR standard test to establish your current level.

From there Kwiziq will keep "Kwizzing" you, and provide you with personalised learning suggestions, including more content from Alexa, and keep you updated on your progress every time you use the site.

It's like having your own personal language coach 24x7.

Students taking regular low-stakes tests (quizzes)
performed up to 25% better in their exams

- "McDaniel, Mark A et al. Journal of Educational Psychology 103.2 (2011): 399."
Clever stuff happening!