P. asked: Shouldn't there be a question-mark in the question statement ?

AurélieKwiziq team member

P. asked: Shouldn't there be a question-mark in the question statement ?

Asked 7 years ago
AurélieKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Bonjour P. !

Thanks for your useful question, that will also help other users with these specific questions.

Here we chose not to put any punctuation mark at the end of the statement not to give it away too easily.

​However, the specific order of the words can only be used in a question.

​You also probably noticed that all three answers HAVE punctuation marks, but this question is specifically about the word ordering.

I hope that's helpful!
À bientôt !

JenniferB2Kwiziq community member
I also found this confusing. I chose the wrong answer (“do the dishes”)  because I assumed that without a question mark it couldn’t be a question. I understand your explanation but fact that we haven’t covered the imperative yet led me to make the wrong choice because I knew the other two options were wrong.
BethC1Kwiziq community member

the examples in the lesson all have question marks

test should follow that example regardless of "ease"

MigA0Kwiziq community member

I agree, there should be a question mark here or the question in invalid. 

RobertC1Kwiziq community member

I agree with the others . There should be a question mark or it is reasonable to assume that it should be imperative!

SarahB2Kwiziq community member

I agree, this was confusing, as the sentence would always have a question mark. 

LenA2Kwiziq community member

It's annoying to be nicked as "nearly correct" because I typed a question mark at the end of my question. I understand that the question mark was there in the form, but it's annoying to be marked wrong for adding the punctuation myself.

PatrickA2Kwiziq community member

Understand Aurelie's response but it still makes it difficult to answer correctly when there is no question mark.

IsabelleB1Kwiziq Q&A regular contributor

Ah!  A new kind of lesson.

RandyC1Kwiziq community member

I agree there should be.

Alasdair A0Kwiziq community member

I don't know

AlexanderB2Kwiziq community member

I agree that this is misleading and confusing. If you don't want the question mark to give away the correct answer, why not add another wrong answer with a question mark?

P. asked: Shouldn't there be a question-mark in the question statement ?

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