Isn't this example a contradiction?


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10 October 2018

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Isn't this example a contradiction?

It says tous (as a complement to the plural subject) is always pronounced [toos], to differenciate it from tout but right above that it gives the example, "Mes amis sont venus et ils étaient tous contents." and pronounces it too. This is an example using tous as a complement to the subject amis, isn't it? Shouldn't it be pronounced toos? It's very confusing.

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10 October 2018


Yes, in this example "tous" should be pronounced with the trailing s. 


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12 October 2018


Bonjour Melisa !

Indeed, this example was badly recorded, and thanks to you, it's now been fixed :)

The "s" in "tous" here is definitely pronounced!

Merci et bonne journée ! 


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13 October 2018


Thanks for fixing it!

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