Isn't the imperative of aller 'va' instead of 'vas'?

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18 November 2018

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Isn't the imperative of aller 'va' instead of 'vas'?

One of the questions on the quiz was: "N'y vas pas !" means: ...

Shouldn't it be instead: "N'y va pas !" means: ... ?

regards, Scott

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19 November 2018


Hi Scott,

Can you use the "Report it " button in your correction board as it links directly to the specific quiz you're referring to and makes it easier to make any correction.


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27 November 2018


Bonjour Scott !

Indeed, you're correct, this was quite a bad typo on our part :(

Thanks to you, it's now been rectified!

Merci beaucoup et bonne journée !

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