Opposite siblings (Weekend Workout Challenge 3rd August 2018) [A1]


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2 March 2019

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Opposite siblings (Weekend Workout Challenge 3rd August 2018) [A1]

Bonjour Madame !

I attempted this workout challenge and require your guidance in the following cases -

1.Nous avons aussi des caractères opposès. Here, I submitted my response as contraires. Can it be an acceptable option ?

2.Physiquement je suis blonde et il est brun. I recall Kwizbot while asking me this sentence mentioned ‘he has dark hair’ = ‘Il a les cheveux bruns’ but the full text at the end displays ‘il est brun’.

3. The audio doesn’t provide me the sound for “Nous avons aussi des caractères opposés : je suis très bavarde et sociable,” .

4. For the body parts like yeux and cheveux , Kwizbot provides definite articles in the suggested answer. May I ask why indefinite article ‘des’ is unacceptable.

Last but not the least , thanks for providing me this excellent workout challengenge.

 Anticipating your reply. Regards -Shrey.

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