Doubt in Ordering of Double Pronouns

Doubt in Ordering of Double Pronouns

Bonjour Kwiziq Experts !

A rule from the lesson states- 

Adverbial pronouns en/y are placed after moi/toi/lui/nous/vous/leur  and moi/toi become m' and t’

Can it be elaborated by using the following- en/ y are placed after moi/toi/lui/l’/nous/vous/leur/les.

Accompagne-l’y ! -> Accompany him there ! (Here, l’ is a direct object which is better as compared to lui)

Conduis-les-y ! -> Drive them there ! (Here too, les is a direct object used instead of leur)

Just curious to know whether direct object too satisfy this rule or only indirect object pronouns could be used before en/y .

Merci encore !

Asked 2 months ago

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