Would “rose” be an invariable color?

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17 June 2018

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Would “rose” be an invariable color?

Would it be correct to say,  ”J’aime des roses rose!”

This question relates to:
French lesson "Compound colour names and colour names derived from things are invariable"


Kwiziq community member

18 June 2018


Hi DeAnna,

according to the lesson (Colour descriptions change according to gender and number (adjectives)) the correct way to say it is:

J'aime les roses roses. -- I love pink roses.

In general, colors derived from object names such as orange (an orange) or marron (le marron/the chestnut) stay immutable. However, the color rose (pink) does vary, even though it seems to derive from a real object, too.

-- Chris (not a native speaker).

Greetings, -- Chris (not a native speaker).

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