What is the different betweet:

What is the different betweet:

Asked 1 year ago
ChrisC1Correct answer

Hi Suzanne, I really can't say it any different than the corresponding lesson to which you refer.

Tout-toute / tous-toutes are the different forms, masculine-feminine in singular and plural.

And depending on how you use it, it can mean different things:

J'ai oublié tout. -- I forgot everything.
J'y ai pensé toute la journée. -- I tought about it all the day.
Nous sommes tous arrivés ensemble. -- We all arrived together. (a male or mixed group)
Nous sommes toutes arrivées ensemble -- We all arrived together. (an all female group)

I hope that helps, -- Chris (not a native speaker).

What is the different betweet:

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