why not futur antérieur?

why not futur antérieur?

From a quiz on usage of "quand" and future tense:

Question was:

Quand ils ________, tu iras les accueillir. .When they arrive, you will go and welcome themand correct answer given was "arriveront".However, I wonder if the futur antérieur would be more appropriate? They have to arrive before you can go meet them, right?So how about:Quand ils seront arrivés, tu iras les accueillir.

Asked 3 months ago
CécileKwiziq language super starCorrect answer

Hi Neville,

You are correct in that it is a classic case of two actions in the future and the preceding one using the futur antérieur. As it is from a quiz, you need to use your Report It button on your Correction Board, as it links directly to it and it is easier to have a look at your query.

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