Why don't we use the future perfect instead?

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5 December 2016

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Why don't we use the future perfect instead?

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6 December 2016


Bonjour Kenneth ! These are cases where the two actions in the sentence happen simultaneously: When I'm old, I'll have a house. = "Quand je *serai* vieux, j'*aurai* une maison." When one of the action happens before the other one but they are both in the future, you will indeed use the future perfect, or Futur Antérieur: When I've finished my work, I'll have a nap. = "Quand j'*aurai fini* mon travail, je *ferai* une sieste." Have a look at our related lesson: https://kwiziq.learnfrenchwithalexa.com/revision/grammar/using-le-futur-anterieur-after-quand-lorsque-apres-que-une-fois-que-to-express-when-after-ive-done-in-sentences-in-future-tense I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !


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27 June 2018


Superb! My understanding now is that, this rule of using Le Futur in both parts of the sentence, including after quand also applies to after pendant que (while) in cases where the two actions in the sentence happen simultaneously.

Does this rule and scenario happen after apres que, lorsque, and une fois que? Or these must properly be followed ONLY by Le Futur Anterieur?

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