Meaning of :"la voilà à présent": from C1 writing challenge week 34?


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5 December 2016

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Meaning of :"la voilà à présent": from C1 writing challenge week 34?

Searched through the lessons related to this writing challenge, but did not find an explanation for this French: "la voilà à présent", translation of: "But now she's (lending her voice to the new princess Vaiana)". I haven't seen this French phrase before: "la voilà à présent", and I would appreciate reading about it please? C1 writing challenge's Correct answers: Mais la voilà à présent qui prête sa voix à la nouvelle princesse Vaiana or Mais la voilà maintenant, prêtant sa voix à la nouvelle princesse Cheryl


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6 December 2016


Bonjour Cheryl ! That is a very colloquial expression indeed, and an excellent suggestion for a lesson :) Here is the case of "voilà" and "voici" (usually used interchangeably): - used on their own, it's an interjection meaning "Here it is / that's done": "Voilà ! J'ai fini la vaisselle !" (Here ! I finished the dishes!) - used with an direct object, it means "X is here / X has arrived": "Voici ma sœur !" (Here is my sister!) "Voilà le paquet que j'attendais." (Here is the package I was waiting for.) - the direct object can become a direct object pronoun, placed before "voilà": "La voilà enfin !" (Here she is finally! / She's finally arrived!) "Le voilà assis dans son fauteuil." (Here he is sitting in his armchair.) I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !


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8 December 2016


Thank you once again Aurélie ! Cheryl

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