Walking like dancers not Dancing With Wolves

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24 January 2018

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Walking like dancers not Dancing With Wolves

Why when in the questions is the translation for saying the people walk like dancers is it not "vont a pied"? it feels like we are trying the emphasise the method of movement.

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French lesson "Se promener, promener, marcher, aller à pied = To walk"


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25 January 2018


Bonjour Nick !

Thanks to your message, I decided to clarify the lesson, especially on the distinction between aller à pied and marcher :)

So you usually use "aller à pied" with a destination, because you emphasise how you're getting to that destination, as opposed to another means of transport.

Je vais à l'école à pied, tu prends le bus.
I walk to school, you take the bus.

"Marcher" is used in a more general context, and to indicate the way someone walks.

Elle marche bizarrement.
She walks funny.

So in the case of "walking like dancers", it's about their general way of walking, hence the use of marcher.

I hope that's helpful! 

À bientôt !

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