Pour + infin + pp only is in past tense??


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25 January 2018

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Pour + infin + pp only is in past tense??

From reading the explanation above it explains that you can only use pour + infinitive and pp when the action is in the past or have I misunderstood? In the example given it says : Tu auras une médaille pour avoir sauvé ce pauvre chat. You'll get a medal for saving that poor cat. Would it not be for having saved that poor cat?? Thanks in advance!

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26 January 2018


I agree that "...for having savid the cat" is the better translation. -- Chris (not a native speaker).


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29 January 2018


Bonjour Elaine ! I agree with you, but I'd noticed that in English you will sometimes use "for saving" when referring to past actions, in a way that you cannot in French, as mentioned in the lesson. But I'm all for being grammatically accurate :) The example has now been fixed. Merci et à bientôt !

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