pourquoi il n'est pas: Je viens d'Hong Kong?

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20 January 2019

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pourquoi il n'est pas: Je viens d'Hong Kong?

Je viens d'Omaha.


Je viens de Hong Kong.

pourquoi il n'est pas

Je viens d'Hong Kong?

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20 January 2019


Hi Atul,

  • You do not say,

d’Hong Kong 

because it has what is called in French a H aspirate which means you indicate its presence by not doing what you have been taught to do when there’s a clash of vowel and consonant, called an elision...

You have to say 

de Hong Kong, de Hollande ....

Hope this helps!





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21 January 2019


Oui, merci beaucoup Cécile!

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