passer la serpillère (mop something)

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22 January 2018

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passer la serpillère (mop something)

Where does mop, vacuum etc fit in with the different passer categories. Your site is unequalled don't worry too much about missing a few questions.

This question relates to:
French lesson "Passer, se passer, se passer de (different meanings of 'passer')"


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22 January 2018


I know that to vacuum is "passer l'aspirateur". -- Chris.


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23 January 2018


Also passer un chiffon , une éponge.... all to do with cleaning . Not to be confused with 'Passer l'éponge ' which means let bygones be bygones!


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29 January 2018


Bonjour Michael !

As the lesson states, when passer is followed by a direct object - i.e. to pass [something], it will use the auxiliary avoir in compound tenses:

J'ai passé la serpillère ce matin.
Il a passé l'aspirateur dans sa chambre. 
I hope that's helpful!
Bonne journée !

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