"Everyone" vs "every one"


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21 January 2018

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"Everyone" vs "every one"

I think that English speakers get confused between "everyone" and "every one". Perhaps this lesson might include usage of the phrase "tout en chacun"?

This relates to:
Tout le monde = Everybody (indefinite pronouns) -


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21 January 2018


I know "tout un chacun", which is translated as everyone, a more strongly stressed "tout". I am not familiar with "tout en chacun". And I am not familiar with "tout un chacun" meaning "every (single) one".

-- Chris (not a native speaker).


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22 January 2018


If I may add to what chris just said -
´ Tout un chacun' is a literary form of ´ tout le monde ´ . You might hear it in a Presidential address or see it written in novels .
Hope this helps ....


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25 January 2018


Thanks to each and every one of you!

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