'La lettre que j'ai écrite'

'La lettre que j'ai écrite'

Hi Aurélie,

This question is not related to this lesson per se, but I am not sure I understand this correctly, it is in my quiz tests.

'La lettre que j'ai ecrite (cannot type the accent here) which translates to the letter that I wrote. Why is 'ecrite without the accent to show that it is in the past tense? What am I being taught here?

Another question: Is there something wrong with the bot? He is making me loose time.

Thank you.

Asked 2 months ago

It seems your question is directed at someone specific, but I can help with the first part. 

Not all past tense conjugations have an é at the end. It depends on the infinitive (unconjugated) verb ending, and even then, there are exceptions. The best way to go about learning is to commit them to memory. 

Also, just because a verb conjugated in the past tense ends with an e, that does not mean it requires an accent. If the noun in your example were masculine, the past tense spelling would be écrit without the final e

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