This quiz is a bit baffling.

This quiz is a bit baffling.

You point out that in English we don't tend to use the 'some' that is necessary in French, but then in your examples, you translate all the sentences using some/any. eg 'I eat some jam',  'he buys some bread', 'do you want some potatoes?' etc. In the quiz we are not told we can choose multiple answers so going by the law of averages we assume that 'Jane eats some ice cream' must be the correct answer where in fact you then say that is only 'nearly' right and 'Jane eats ice cream' is what you want. I would have chosen the right answer had you not persistently translated your examples with 'some'! Perhaps you should either bracket all the 'somes' or allow for both answers  to be right?

Asked 2 months ago

I agree. You can use some or omit it in English, it makes no difference to the meaning. Both answers are right.

CécileKwiziq language super star

Hi Jane, 

Can you re-post this using the ‘Report it’  button on your Correction Board as it will link directly to the quiz you are referring to and makes it easier to answer your query.

Merci d’avance!

Sorry I can't see a 'Report it ' button anywhere!

CécileKwiziq language super star

You may have to do that particular quiz again...


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Let me take a look at that...