Je manque de concert . . .

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1 January 2018

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Je manque de concert . . .

The test says that "I missed the concert of . . " is ''J'ai manqué du concert . ." . In the lesson it says '''I missed the train'' is ''J'ai manqué le train'''. What is the difference between ''concert'''and ''train''? Why is one noun preceeded by '''de'' and the other not? Thx

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1 January 2018


This is indeed extremely tricky! The example of "J'ai manqué le train" is a form of transitive usage of the verb ie. the verb taking a direct object "le train". The example "J'ai manqué de le concert ..." is more difficult to explain -- it looks like a transitive usage indirect in the sense of "being deprived of." So without knowledge of the full sentence, it seems to me that the meaning is that something has caused the subject "j" to be "deprived of" the particular concert rather than a general sense of a concert. That's my input, but I think that it would be nice to see a further comment from an expert. Good luck, Jim


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28 February 2018


Hi both,

This sounds like a typo error to me ,

I missed the concert of , should be,

j'ai manqué le concert de... 

Will pass on your comments and try to get it rectified.


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5 March 2018


I have now checked and the correct answer is correctly marked as:

J'ai manqué le concert de Michael Jackson en 1992 à Paris.

Hope this helps!

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