"In a Clothes Store" writing test

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27 January 2019

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"In a Clothes Store" writing test

Bonjour Aurélie et Cécile,

My problem is with this phrase in the above writing lesson

"...jacket that I bought FROM you two weeks ago."  Correct translation given is :"que je vous ai achetée il y a deux semaines."  

I can't find the lesson describing this usage of object pronouns.  Why is it not "que j'ai acheté DE vous"?   Does not "que je vous ai acheté" mean that I bought FOR you? Please explain using FROM in this context.  Thanks!

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3 February 2019


Hi Marnie, 

You could say -

...que j’ai acheté chez vous... 

Indeed que je vous ai acheté can mean that I bought you but in that context it is clear that it is a return...

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