Doubt in Dont/Que

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2 January 2019

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Doubt in Dont/Que

Bonjour Madame Cécile,

I am struggling with a problem related to relative pronouns. If given two sentences as-

"Prends mes crayons.Je n’en ai plus besoin.”

Now, how will these 2 sentences be combined using a relative pronoun?

Can the answer be as-

“Prends mes crayons que je n’en ai plus besoin.”

Or, would we use ‘dont’ as-

“Prends mes crayons dont je n’en ai plus besoin.” 

Which one is correct and what is the reason behind it ?

 Also Madame, will the pronoun en be omitted while combining the sentences or will it remain as it is. And why so ? 

Aidez-moi, s’il vous plaît.

Merci d’avance.

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3 January 2019


Hi Varsha,

If you take a look at the following lesson , you will see the use of 'dont' to replace 'de' in verbs followed by the preposition 'de'.

In this case, it is 'avoir besoin de'

'Dont' encompasses 'de' and is 'of which'

Bonne continuation!


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3 January 2019


Merci Madame Cécile,

That was an enormous help and thanks too for your “motivational” comment.

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