Do adjectives always come in front of the noun they describe?


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12 October 2017

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Do adjectives always come in front of the noun they describe?

Peut on dire "La France est un pays merveilleux?"

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12 October 2017


HI Robert

You can see all of our lessons on the rules around French adjectives - including position - here:

Hope that helps!


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16 October 2017


Hi Robert, the situation in French is a bit more varied. The vast majority of adjectives follows the noun. Then there are some which always come before the noun (e.g., grand, belle, nouveau, etc.). And then there are some which even change meaning depending on whether you put them before or after the noun. "Propre" means "one's own" when it vomes before the noun and "clean" when put after it. Best to study the exercises Gruff has posted. -- Chris (who is not a native speaker).

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