Significance of description of passe compose


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12 October 2017

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Significance of description of passe compose

Is there any significance in the website's use of "passe compose" in some cases and "Le Passe Compose (conversational past)" in other cases?

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13 October 2017


Bonjour Nigel, «le passé composé (conversational past)» and «passé composé» mean the same thing. «Le Passé Composé» is the more formal way to write «passé composé». During a discussion, either oral or written, it is not uncommon to simply use «passé composé» in explanations and discussions in lieu of the more formal form. Bonne chance et bonne continuation.


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16 October 2017


Ron, Hiya !! Many thanks! So, the answer is, there's no difference, and it's just a bit confusing the way the website uses them interchangeably with no explanation. Cheers!! NMO

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