Why not prendre rather than emmener

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30 November 2018

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Why not prendre rather than emmener

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3 December 2018


Hi Christopher, 

If you mean in 'take our dog with us', this is a common mistake.

In French you use prendre for :

a shower, a cup of tea, etc...

prendre une douche, prendre un café , prendre une boisson ...

To take with you it is - 

emmener (think of 'main = hand') for people, animals  

J'emmène mon chien chez le vétérinaire = I am taking my dog to the vet

Nous emmenons les enfants à l'école en voitureWe take the children to school by car

and emporter for objects 

emporter un livre, une bouteille, un cadeau 

J'emporte au moins deux valises avec moi =  I am taking at least two suitcases with me

Hope this helps!


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3 December 2018


Thank you for the answer.    Yes it is clear and not difficult.    When you know and I do now.

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