Why is elle met les tasses là not accepted for she put the cups there?


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14 July 2018

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Why is elle met les tasses là not accepted for she put the cups there?

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French lesson "Y = There (adverbial pronoun)"


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14 July 2018


Hi Rob,

Are you talking about a specific quiz?



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16 July 2018


It's simply because the lesson is about the pronoun "y". You're supposed to practice its use. 

-- Chris. 


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14 August 2018


In general, you are doing something very tempting when learning a foreign language, but something you can never do: you can never take an English sentence, translate each word with a dictionary, and end up with a correct foreign-language sentence. That's just not how grammar works. Foreign languages not only have different lists of words--they have different ways of putting words together into sentences.

There is a famous book where someone tried to go the other way: he took French sentences and looked up the matching English words in a dictionary. The results were pretty comical:


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