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What are verbes d'état? S'il vous plait

Judith R.C1Kwiziq community member

What are verbes d'état? S'il vous plait

Asked 5 years ago
CécileKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Hi Judith,

Les verbes d’état /verbes attributifs are verbs which denote a state of being, or a change in state of being, the verb ‘être’ being the one most used in language.

The list also include -

avoir l’air, paraître, sembler, rester, demeurer......

Unlike the transitive and intransitive verbs, which have direct/ indirect objects or not, the verbs of state have an attribute which can be an adjective, adverb or a nominal group which changes the state they describe.

Take a look at the updated Kwiziq lesson on ‘demeurer’ as an example..


Hope this helps!

What are verbes d'état? S'il vous plait

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