Stress on certain parts of a sentence.

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21 December 2018

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Stress on certain parts of a sentence.

In a lot of the French sentences on Kwiziq, the stress sounds like it is on an odd part of the sentence and I can't figure out the pattern. For example, in "Tu te laves les mains?" above, the word laves is stressed in the recording. And the voice doesn't rise at the end like I would expect for a question. Is that how the question would really be spoken in French? Is there a section here that explains which parts of a sentence are normally stressed?

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17 January 2019


Hi Melisa,

French is a syllable-timed language, where syllables take roughly the same amount of time to pronounce. 

In the sentence you mention your voice would rise at the end to indicate it is not a statement but a question.

Hope this helps!

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