Se retrouver versus rencontrer?


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6 August 2017

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Se retrouver versus rencontrer?

Is there a difference in usage between se retrouver and rencontrer? I think they both mean to meet.

This relates to:
Chez = at someone's place (prepositions) -


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8 August 2017


Bonjour Jennifer,
Peut-être la dictionnaire Collins-Robert vous aideriez:
se retrouver
reciprocal reflexive verb
to meet, to meet up
⇒ Ils se sont retrouvés devant le cinéma. They met up in front of the cinema.
reflexive verb
(= s'orienter) to find one's way around
se retrouver dans qch [calculs, dossiers, désordre] to find one's way around sth
(= finir)
se retrouver quelque part to find o.s. somewhere, to end up somewhere
se retrouver seul to find o.s. alone
se retrouver sans argent to find o.s. with no money
(autre locution)
s'y retrouver (informal) (financièrement) to break even
rencontrer (ʀɑ̃kɔ̃tʀe )
transitive verb
[personne] to meet
(= trouver)
[mot, expression] to come across
[difficultés, résistance] to meet with

Il me semble que les deux sont synonymes.
Bonne chance !

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