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Saying 1515


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8 November 2017

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Saying 1515

in the spoken response saying "Cette réponse est évidente: c'est évidemment 1515" the speaker seems to say "mille cent cinq quinze". Is that correct or am I miss hearing it. If I'm not miss hearing it, why is it cent cinq and not cinq cent?

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Kwiziq community member

9 November 2017


Bonjour Nigel,
It is possible you are miss hearing it because, like you noted, it would be «mille cinq cent quinze»
with the number coming before cent and the same way with mille, i.e. deux mille cinq cent.


Kwiziq community member

11 November 2017


Often times one also encounters, as in English, "quinze cent quinze" instead of "mille cinque cent quinze".

-- Chris.

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