I don’t understand when to use apercevoir instead of voir

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8 November 2017

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I don’t understand when to use apercevoir instead of voir

I have a test tomorrow on voir, apercevoir and s’apercevoir. I know the conjugations, but I cannot discern the difference between the use of apercevoir verses voir


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9 November 2017


Bonsoir Carolyne,
So let's take a look at the Larousse dictionary :
voir --> obviously is to see qqch
apercevoir --> see someone, qqch remotely, notice the smallness of qqch, to perceive through obscurity: J'ai cru l'apercevoir hier dans le métro.
s'apercevoir --> Be aware of something, realize: everyone realized his anxiety.
Be seen: the stain can barely be seen


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11 November 2017


apercevoir is more like "to perceive" something with which it also shares a common etymological root. -- Chris.

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