Nous nous habillions

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17 January 2018

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Nous nous habillions

Nous nous habillions à 6 heures et demie. We dressed up at half past 6. In English "dressing up" is closer to se costumer or se deguiser, I think. S'habiller is closer to "dressing"

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29 January 2018


As I understand it habiller means "to dress in" or "to dress up". S'habiller means to get dressed in the sense of putting one's clothes on. So to take your text "Nous nous habillions ......" this means to dress one's self not to dress up. Have I understood your query correctly? Hope this helps Alan


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15 April 2018


Hi Nigel,

I would have translated,

Nous nous habillions à...


We got dressed at... 

and indeed to dress up is se déguiser.

Will let Kwiziq know.


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