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18 November 2017

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Not really about the topic

When doing thé quiz. There was a question: 1969, we went to conquer the moon. (I paraphrased à bit) Anyway, partir was ued instead of aller. Is that Just colloquial ? And can aller be used ?

This question relates to:
French lesson "Agreeing past participle with 'on' (compound tenses)"


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18 November 2017


Bonjour Daba, This is a very good question. I see no reason that the verb aller cannot be used in the same phrase. The fact that partir is used leads me to believe that it has more to do with agreeing of the past participle in phrases that use «on» as the subject. However, I am uncertain what difference it would make with whichever verb was used. Perhaps someone from the Kwiziq team will be able to provide a more informed answer. Bonne chance.


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22 June 2018


Hi Daba,

Could you give me the exact sentence as paraphrasing won't work here... 

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