"long adverb" VS "adverb with 2 or more syllables"


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18 November 2017

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"long adverb" VS "adverb with 2 or more syllables"

Suggestion: If "long adverb" means one with 2 or more syllables, then this should be clearly stated in the explantion. Thx

This relates to:
Short and common adjectives that go BEFORE nouns (adjective position) -


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19 November 2017


Bonjour Stevenson,
There is a «grammar rule» that says for adjectives that are longer words, they can be placed before the word without changing the sense of the adjective; however, I don't find a lesson that addresses this issue. I also have not heard it defined about having 2 or more syllables, but that quantification certainly fits. There is; however, a mention about other adjectives that precede the noun:

Bonne chance.


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19 November 2017


Bonjour Stevenson !

I agree with you, and have now updated the lesson accordingly :)

Bonne journée !

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