Même si

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2 August 2018

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Même si

Cannot "même si" be equally followed l'imparfait del'ndicatif as in:

Même s'il me le disait, je ne le croirais pas.

This question relates to:
French lesson "Although = bien que + Le Subjonctif or même si + L'Indicatif"


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15 August 2018


Hi Tom,

Yes of course you can use the imparfait after 'même si',  as in your example and the following one, 

"Même si je voulais le faire, je ne le ferais pas."

The point of the lesson is that it is a tense from the Indicative Mood and not the Subjunctive in the case of 'bien que'.

Hope this helps!


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15 August 2018


Cécile, thanks for your helpful reply.

It's just that the lesson specifically states :

"Même si can also mean even if / even though, however it's always followed by Le Présent Indicatif and never Le Subjonctif."

which would seem to mandate only the use of Le Présent de l'Indicatif to the exlusion of other tenses of l'Indicatif.

Thanks again.


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16 August 2018


Bonjour Tom !

Thanks very much for your feedback!

Indeed, the lesson needed to be updated as "même si" can be followed by any tense in L'Indicatif :)

It's now done!

Merci et bonne journée !

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