Completer - in future simple

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2 August 2018

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Completer - in future simple

The lesson - and the quizzes based on it - use the grave accent for all 6 endings in this tense.

But all of the online conjugators that I have checked with use the acute accent.

As do all of the exmples in context on the web.

This question relates to:
French lesson "Conjugate -éXer, -eXer, -eter, -eler verbs in Le Futur (future tense)"


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2 August 2018


Apparently it's changed. (Also true of préférer)

"One special case is the future stem, used in the future and the conditional. Before 1990, the future stem of such verbs was written compléter-, reflecting the historic pronunciation /e/. In 1990, the French Academy recommended that it be written complèter-, reflecting the now common pronunciation /ɛ/, thereby making this distinction consistent throughout the conjugation (and also matching in this regard the conjugations of verbs like lever and jeter). Both spellings are in use today."


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