Manquer de + human attrbute ? To lack a human attrubute ?

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3 September 2018

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Manquer de + human attrbute ? To lack a human attrubute ?

I think what I'm about to ask is not possible with manquer de + thing, and I would like to confirm I am correct. Am I correct it is NOT possible to use manquer de + human attribute ?


I lack your warmth (in the emotional sense). Je manque de ton chaleur.

I lack your humour. Je manque de ton humour.

I have been told this doesn't really work in French, and I would be better off using avoir.

e.g Je n'ai pas ton chaleur. Je n'ai pas ton humour.

Any comments appreciated.


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3 September 2018


Sorry, correction. Chaleur is fem. , so

Je manque de ta chaleur.


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3 September 2018


Hi Paul,

You can use manquer de with a human attribute as in the lesson example, 

'Il manque toujours de courage.'

You could say:

"Il/je manque d'humilité , de chaleur, d'humour" about someone else or about yourself.

In the sense of to lack meaning to be without you would indeed use,

'ne pas avoir'

Cette voiture n'a pas la puissance de celle-là. = This car lacks the power of that one.

Le nouvel employé n'a pas les compétences de la personne quil remplace. = The new employee lacks the skills of the person he is replacing.

Je n'ai pas les moyens d'aller en vacances cette année. = I haven't got / I lack the means to go on holiday, this year.

Hope this helps!


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