l'ancienne maison = la maison dernière


l'ancienne maison = la maison dernière

Asked 1 year ago
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Hi James ,

 'Ancienne'  in your example means former/previous so you might say .

"Dans mon ancienne maison j'avais cinq chambres "= In my previous/former house I had five bedrooms.

In my opinion, if you say: "Dans ma dernière maison", it sounds as if you are a serial mover and it is the last one in a long list ...

Hope this helps!


are these two the same meaning?

No, they mean different things. "L'ancienne maison" is "the former house", whereas "la maison derrière" is "the house behind" (spatially speaking). 
Sorry, I mesread derrière for derrière. 
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l'ancienne maison = la maison dernière

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