Is there a past tense for "Ça y est" using "Ça y etais = That's it, It was done"

Is there a past tense for "Ça y est" using "Ça y etais = That's it, It was done"

Asked 1 year ago
LauraKwiziq language super star
Bonjour Paul, Yes. Since "est" is the third person singular of être, you can use this expression in any tense by conjugating être accordingly.

Ça y était (t at the end, not s)

Ça y a été

Ça y sera

That's very helpful Laura, thank you. I listen to French language radio everyday (from Quebec) and I hear something like "Ça y était" or "Ça a été" spoken frequently. Can you please help me understand their usage, and are they pronounced the same?
LauraKwiziq language super star
They're not pronounced quite the same. Ça y était = [sa je te] Ça a été = [sa a e te] On their own, the meaning is very similar - it was ok, it worked out. I'll ask Aurélie, who is a native speaker, to respond in detail.
AurélieKwiziq language super star
Bonjour Paul ! Though you can technically conjugate this expression in past tenses (thanks Laura !), you will never really use it in other contexts than the present. Indeed, "ça y est" expresses some kind of immediate relief after an action been completed, hence its strong link with the present. You could possibly encounter "ça y était" in indirect speech, when reported someone's words, but none of the other forms would be used by a native (including the future). I hope that's helpful! Aurélie
AurélieKwiziq language super star
As for the nuance of meaning between "ça a été" and "ça y était", I must disagree, it's two different expressions, with different meanings and uses: - Like I said above, "ça y était", means either literally "it/this was there" or, just like "ça y est", it can mean "here it was/it was done/I was done" in a context of indirect speech. - "Ça a été" literally means "it's been/it was", and as a fixed expression is used to express "it's been ok/it was ok", like at the restaurant for example: Serveur: Ça a été ? (It's been fine? / How was it?) Client: Oui, très bien merci. I hope that's helpful! Bonne journée !
Thank you Aurélie and Laura for your helpful answers. I do remember being asked "ça y été" in restaurants in France. I shall listen more carefully to the radio and try to figure out the context.

Is there a past tense for "Ça y est" using "Ça y etais = That's it, It was done"

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