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Connaitre ou Savoir


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1 September 2017

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Connaitre ou Savoir

Slightly confused here. In the Lawless French Savoir vs Connaitre Quiz. Question no 4 “Il veut ... ce texte par cœur” says that both savoir and connaître are acceptable. However this question “Nous ….. notre leçon par cœur” suggest that only savoir is acceptable.

This relates to:
Conjugate savoir in Le Présent (present tense) -


Kwiziq community member

1 September 2017


Bonjour William,
Here are a couple of links that may be of use to you.
This one is written by Laura, a Progress with Lawless French
This link is from the UT Austin French department and I have found it to be quite good
This link is one that I found online that discusses the difference and having read through it, I think it is right on.
While I study the Progress with Lawless French quite a bit, at times I find it useful to search other resources to get another point of view explanation.
As for your question, I can definitely understand the confusion since the quiz questions seem similar. Perhaps a member of the Kwiziq team will be able to explain the nuances of the difference.
Bonne chance,

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