ça vs celui/celle-là

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4 November 2017

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ça vs celui/celle-là

In this lesson why was ça preferred over celui-là? Thanks - Nora

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5 November 2017


Bonsoir Nora, Since I do not have the precise question referred to, this may be a bit of a guess. The definitive pronoun «ça» translates as «that, it» ; however, «celui-là» translates to «that one». Depending on the phrase in question it would be two different senses to the phrase.


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7 November 2017


Hi Nora, It will be a matter of context. Ça (informal) / Cela (formal) -- impersonal pronoun Celui / celle-là -- demonstrative pronoun The choice depends upon the context and to what is being referred in the sentence. Regards, Alan ( Non-native speaker)


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24 August 2018


Hi Nora,

Celui/Celle-là mean 'that one ' ,  when you are comparing two things and highlight one of them.

Ça is the contraction of Cela meaning simply (this or) that.

Just different pronouns for different situations...

Hope that helps!  ( J'espère que ça vous aidera!)

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