AP French Exam

Advanced Placement French Language and Culture, also known as AP French, is a class that lets US high school students earn credit for a college-level French class. It culminates in the AP French Exam, which is generally considered equivalent to a college-level French 301 final exam.

AP French Exam Format

The three-hour exam consists of two sections, each of which comprises 50% of the total score.

Section 1 - Multiple Choice

65 questions, 1 hour 35 minutes

  • Part A - Interpretive Communication: Printed Texts
    30 questions, 40 minutes
  • Part B - Interpretive Communication: Printed and Audio Texts
    35 questions, 55 minutes

Section 2 - Free Response

4 tasks, 1 hour 28 minutes

  • Part A - Written Tasks
     - Interpersonal Writing: Email Reply, 15 minutes
     - Presentational Writing: Persuasive Essay, 55 minutes
  • Part B - Spoken Responses, 18 minutes
     - Interpersonal Speaking: Conversation
     - Presentational Speaking: Cultural Comparison

AP French Exam Tips

Each high school establishes their own requirements for the course, but generally speaking, prospective students need well-rounded language knowledge (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation) and skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking), as well as familiarity with the French-speaking world. The exam specifically tests interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational communication skills.

To prepare for the exam, start by taking an AP French practice test to determine which part(s) of the exam you have the most trouble with, then focus on that task / skill before taking another test. Pay particular attention to the time limits so that you're comfortable answering all the questions / finishing the tasks within that time.

Take a look at these links for ideas on practicing specific areas.

Also take a look at On va camper ce weekend (level B1), specially written to help you prepare for the listening and reading portions of the AP French exam.

More French test taking tips

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