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Un/une = A or An (French Indefinite Articles)

French has two words for a (or an): Un and Une.

Learn how to use the article "a/an" in French

Look at these examples:

un tee-shirta t-shirt

une voiturea car

un exemple an example

une aventurean adventure

Notice, that unlike English, all nouns (words for things and people) in French are masculine or feminine.

Use un with masculine nouns.

Use une with feminine nouns.

Note that un, une also mean one: une maison means a house and one house.


Grammar jargon: un, une are indefinite articles (a, an are indefinite articles in English).


See how these articles behave in negative sentences:

 Un/une become de/d' in negative sentences in French (French Indefinite Articles)

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Examples and resources

un exemple an example
une aventurean adventure
un fantômea ghost
un garçona boy
une fillea girl
un tee-shirta t-shirt
une voiturea car