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Forming simple negative commands (L'Impératif)

You've already seen how to make affirmative commands using L'Impératif in French (See Conjugate regular verbs in L'Impératif (imperative))

Now look at these negative commands:

Ne mange pas ça!
Don't eat that!

N'écoutez pas
Don't listen!

Ne faisons pas ça!
Let's not do that!


Note that to make a command negative, put ne or n' before the verb in L'Impératif and pas after it.

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Examples and resources

N'arrive pas en retard au rendez-vous!
Don't be late to the rendez-vous!

N'oublie pas la Saint-Valentin!
Don't forget Valentine's Day!

Ne faisons pas ça!
Let's not do that!

N'écoutez pas
Don't listen!

Ne romps pas avec moi !
Don't break up with me!

Ne mange pas ça!
Don't eat that!



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5 March 2017

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i don't get the affirmative imperative


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10 March 2017


Bonjour Sukanya !

Thanks for letting us know, I've now added links to related lessons to this lesson.
Here is the link to affirmative commands:

I hope that's helpful!
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