You haven't lived here long is in the B1 test


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16 May 2018

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You haven't lived here long is in the B1 test

The correct answer is "Tu n'habites pas ici depuis longtemps" yet the lesson shows using the passé composé in negative sentences with "depuis" Why is the correct response in the present tense?

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French lesson "Using Le Passé Composé or Le Présent in negative sentences with ''depuis''"


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17 May 2018


Hi Kate,

the correct use of times with depuis can be tricky. Here are the rules in a nutshell.

If stating something that has been happening for a while and still ongoing, you use depuis with the present tense:

J'habite à Paris depuis 5 ans. -- I have been living in Paris for five years (and I still live here).

In negative sentences where the action is already past, you use the passé composé:

Je ne l'ai pas vu depuis son départ. -- I haven't seen him since his departure.

You may use the present tense if you are referring to a (frequently recurring or habitual) action which stopped in the past:

Tu ne fumes plus depuis l'été dernier. -- You don't smoke anymore since last summer.

-- Chris (not a native speaker).

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