'You don't have to'

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24 July 2017

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'You don't have to'

Something I've always struggled with in France is when I don't want to say 'You must not', but rather 'You don't have to', for example: I don't want to say, 'You must not come straight away', but rather, 'You don't have to come straight away'. Can somebody point me to a good lesson on this, or let me know how to do it?

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25 July 2017


Il ne faut pas de venir tout de suite or il n'est pas nécessaire de venir tout de suite. This would be two options that I have read that would seem to suffice. Pardon any misspelling. J'espère que cela vous aidera


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24 December 2018


Hi John,

In the case of - You don't need to come straight away- you could also say:

"Tu n'as pas besoin de venir tout de suite."


"Ce n'est pas la peine que tu viennes tout de suite."

Hope this helps!

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