Why is magnifiques placed differently in 2 sentences?


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21 July 2016

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Why is magnifiques placed differently in 2 sentences?

-- relative to endoits vs. gâteaux ?

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22 July 2016


Bonjour Melody ! The regular rule is to place "long" adjectives (3 or more syllables) AFTER the noun. However, they can also be placed BEFORE when expressing an "affective", subjective opinion. Therefore, adjectives such as "magnifique", "délicieux", "énorme"... can be used in either position. I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !


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24 December 2016


Can't get my FR keyboard to stay French when I click here. Anyway, Tres complique! So the BAGS (adjectives of Beauty, Age, Goodness or Size precede the noun) rule gets "overruled" by the 3-syllable rule which gets overruled by the "'affective', subjective opinion" rule? What is "affective", subjective? Aren't all opinions subjective?


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23 September 2017


Sorry, clumsy fingers down voted instead of upvoted. Loved your concise summary, but am puzzled by the affective bit of affective subjective. What does it mean anyone?

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