when we use "en" ex:il y en a qui exagérent


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8 November 2016

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when we use "en" ex:il y en a qui exagérent

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8 November 2016


Bonjour Abderrahmane ! This case is tricky as we omit words in both English and French! "Il y EN a qui exagèrent !" = "There are [some] OF THEM who are pushing it!" In French, "en" is used to replace "of them" with quantities, but in this case, we don't express the quantity "some". We should say "Il y en a [certains] qui exagèrent !", but the expression "Il y en a qui" is very idiomatic and colloquial. Here is a link to the lesson on "en" : En with quantities = Of them (adverbial pronoun) I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !

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