Video above, On vs L'on


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26 July 2016

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Video above, On vs L'on

On the video, I feel the explanation for "on vs l'on" (minute 6:18) is not applicable. I don't believe this is an example of euphony, because there are occasions that we use qu'on (unlike va-t-il, a clear example of euphony, that is never without a "t"). So, I think in this phrase, the first "on" is indefinite, but in the second part, having a point of reference, it becomes definite. Am I correct on this?

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8 August 2016


Bonjour Farid ! On the question of "on" vs "l'on", there is absolutely no difference of meaning between the two. "L'on" is simply the more archaïc version of "on", as it first meant "L'Homme" (the Man) in a general sense, which eventually involved in simply "on". However, it has indeed become a question of euphony, as "l'on" is considered a more elegant form to use, especially in order to avoid harsh sounds such as "qu'on" ("que l'on" is more fluid). I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !

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