Use of the infinitive for the imperative

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17 March 2019

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Use of the infinitive for the imperative

Bonjour à tous et à toutes,

Is the infinitive still used for commands, and if so when ?

I mostly see the vous form of the indicative for commands. 


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24 March 2019


Hi Jean,

It depends what you are trying to say.

For general advice or in a set of instructions ( which apply to everyone) you will use the infinitive - 

Ne pas oublier de se laver les mains en sortant des toilettes = Dont forget to wash your  hands after you’ve been to the toilet

Ne pas se pencher par la fenêtre = Do not lean out of the window

Prendre le billet au guichet svp = Take your ticket at the counter please

But if you are making a direct command to someone it will be the imperative.

Hope this helps!




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1 April 2019


Merci, c'est clair maintenant !

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